Malaspina Labs announces multi-factor speaker verification in 525 μW Peak Power on Wolfson Audio Hubs

JULY 4, 2014 — Malaspina Labs Inc. today announced that Malaspina Labs' VoiceBoost™ Speaker Dependent Voice Activation solution now offers multi-factor speaker verification for Wolfson Microelectronics WM5102S and WM8280 Audio Hubs in as little as 525 micro-watts peak DSP core power consumption. The VoiceBoost™ Speaker Dependent Voice Activation solution allows mobile and wearable devices to be “always listening” for a wakeup command even while in a sleep state. Users can wake and unlock the device with a private voice command without the need for swipes, button presses or PIN codes. The device will respond only when the user’s private keyphrase is spoken in the user’s own voice. The solution is robust in high background noise and can be used at arm’s length and beyond. The solution also detects and prevents attempts to unlock the device by playback of surreptitious recordings of the user speaking his or her private keyphrase.

Speaker Dependent Voice Activation is one of four products within Malaspina Labs’ VoiceBoost™ suite of phonetic speech enhancement technologies that are available on Wolfson’s WM5102S and WM8280 Audio Hubs for mobile devices. The VoiceBoost suite of products improve voice interaction, voice recognition and voice communication for mobile and wearable devices, even in noisy environments.

About Malaspina Labs

Malaspina Labs offers speech enhancement software for ultra-low power devices which improves person-to-person and person-to-device voice communication in high-noise environments. Malaspina Labs' VoiceBoost™ solutions provide single-microphone and multi-microphone rotation & orientation robust speech isolation that is effective at handset, speakerphone and arm's length distances and beyond. VoiceBoost solutions operate deterministically at bone-conduction, telecom, and voice interface latencies within the constraints of milliwatt-class processors designed for mobile, embedded, medical and consumer devices.
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